Nick’s Quick Tips:

This template is a simple set of guidelines and tips designed to assist you in your journey to a healthier you! Using simple nutrition tips and opening up the client to various weight loss options other than calorie restricting. A well rounded program will always include anaerobic training (weight-lifting ex. chest/back/legs), aerobic training (h.i.i.t. cardio), and a balanced nutrition plan.

Truths to Accept:

Following a new program (weights or cardio) will not radically reshape your body. Only exception to this is if that activity is completely new to you. Exercise might radically change performance, but not appearance and especially not in the short term (Not always the case for everyone). Look to those that have achieved what you desire.)

Things to Unlearn:

…Counting calories alone is not enough to achieve ideal body composition.
…Starvation doesn’t work
…Instead: total calories are important but the types of calories are equally important because we must turn on/off certain hormones for ideal weight loss and body composition changes.
…High Protein diets aren’t always bad for you.
…Low carb diets aren’t always bad for you
…Certain fats are good for you because they provide the right kind of fatty acids. These include: Avocados, Coconut oils, Nuts, and etc.
.8 – 1 Gram(s) of protein per pound of body weight.
.75 grams of carbs per pound of body weight.
.40 grams of fat per pound of body weight.

Macro Tips:

5 – 6 Meals Total (3 – 4 “regular sized” meals, 2 snacks)
An ideal Macro nutrient ratio would be: 50% CHO 20% FAT 30% PRO
4 calories in 1 gram of Protein
4 calories in 1 gram of Carbs
9 calories in 1 gram of Fat

There are 3500 calories in a pound of fat; divide that by 7 (Days) that equals 500 calories. A deficit of 500 Calories per day = 1 pound of fat loss per week.

I recommend using to record your calorie intake; make sure you record both the total calories per day as well as the MACRONUTRIENT percentages.

Meal timing isn’t critical, but it does help; try eating your largest meal after a workout, perhaps try fasted cardio.

Have 1-2 servings of veggies/fruit with every whole food meal, eat as many vegetables as you please and feel free to replace certain carbs with plenty of fruit.

Types of Protein Sources – Eggs, Edamame beans, black beans (and other various beans), lentils, natural non processed meats such as chicken (with or without skin), turkey, fish, steak, pork tenderloin, seafood, protein shakes, protein bars (use sparingly)

Types of Carb Sources – potatoes (any, preferably sweet), rice (brown is preferred), quinoa, lentils, beans, oatmeal, cream of rice, whole fresh fruit. This is the most limited, if it is not listed above you can’t eat it.

Types of Fat Sources – Egg yolk, animal skin, fish, fish oil, butter (organic), all nuts besides peanuts, Olive oil, and the like, coconut oil. NO DAIRY.

Water will be the main beverage. Black coffee is acceptable. Salt, pepper, and spices are okay as they contain zero calories. Strive for 1 oz. of water per KG of body weight. Other beverages do not count.

All acceptable food sources must be as natural as possible – i.e. potatoes meaning white and sweet potatoes (preferred) cooked how you like (baked, broiled, grilled), but not potato chips, French fries, or anything of that nature.

Things not allowed:

…Excessive Sodium (Lessen the amount of salt, try Bragg Liquid Aminos for a healthy –alternative, with moderation of course)
…Excessive Oils (Try to cut out oils completely, only using coconut oil when necessary
…Fruit Juice (instead eat the whole fruit by itself to allow the fiber assist in digestion)
…Bread (If you have to eat bread, Ezekiel sprouted bread is preferred)
…Fast Food
…Junk Food, processed food, desserts
…Caloric Condiments such as ketchup.
…Mayo, margarine, excessive use of butter.
…Diet Foods

Tips and Guidelines for Success:

…Must plan out meals in advance – Always know next your 2 meals.
…Must have healthy go to snacks/quick meals.
…My Personal Favorite is a shake + fruit + nuts.
…Skipping Meals is a nightmare, don’t do it; avoid cheat meals.
…Don’t double up meals, simply have them closer together.
…Must bring food with you to social gatherings.
…Eat on your Schedule, not necessarily with friends and family.
…Weigh food in the beginning until you are able to effectively able to create an “eyeball” serving.

Other Tips:

…Visualize the change in your body, see it happening.
…Take pride in the challenge, few things are worth doing that aren’t hard
…If you ate 504 meals with a 12 week program, what grade would you get?
…Use will power not for the entire program, but to establish a new pattern and routine, then results generate enthusiasm.
…Let positive behavior build momentum.
…Tell others what you are doing.
…Try to build social support around you.
…Don’t be afraid to be a little bit selfish (ex. eat your meal before making the families, etc.)
…Use the contrast effect. Many people on this planet would consider this diet worthy enough for a king. …Google “Starvation images if you want a true picture of what hunger really looks like.
…Chew slowly/take your time.


Cardio Training Guidelines:
H.I.I.T. / Steady State / Fat Burning Zone
…2 effective modes. H.I.I.T. / Fat Burning Zone
…Intense cardio can be performed 1-3x week.
…If the goal is just to get lean, try 2 – 4 x week.
…If the goal is to burn very little muscle, go 0-2 times a week.
…Keep in mind this becomes more challenging on lower carb diets.
…Workout should be done in 20 minutes or less total time.

85% Difficult: (H.I.I.T.) *BEST*
70-85% some-what challenging, Not Preferred. (Steady State)
<70% Fat burning zone *GOOD*

Examples of intense cardio

…On a track, sprint the straights and walk the curves for a mile.
…3-5 rounds of Jacobs ladder, 100 Feet, Increase distance 10-20′ each week
…5-10 challenging prowler pushes
…Jump Rope for 6-12 minutes, :30 on, :30 off
…Challenging VR Bike course in under 20 minutes
…300 Meter Row with 20 Air squats/repeat 10 rounds

3- 5 Cardio Days:
2 – 3 intense days
2 – 3 light days

Fat Burning Cardio – should be able to talk during the entire time

Perform 3-5 x a week for 25-30 minutes to start, start at week 1-4
Add 5 minutes every week/every other week
Add one day per week every week/every other week

Examples of Fat Burning Cardio

Brisk walking (3.5-4.5) is ideal, possibly with an incline

Best time to do this cardio is fasted in the morning, after a workout, and before bed but anytime is okay.

Sample core Training Program

Train core (abs/obliques primarily) 2-3 x per week

1 Circuit 10 reps or 20-30 seconds each. Rest 1 minute perform 2-4 total rounds.

Regular Strict Crunches/Cable Crunches
Core Twists
Flutter Kicks/Hanging Leg Raises
Mountain Climbers
Plank/Side Planks


Green tea extract – Avoid Fat burners and strong stimulants
Multi-Green Food Formula (ormus greens from sun warrior nutrition)

Tip: Try some Intermittent fasting if you’re feeling bold. A basic 8/16 program will work and it is very do-able. Ex. Wake up at 8 a.m. have a liter of water, avoid eating any food until 12 p.m. then around 8 p.m. you will consume your last meal of the day, allowing you to fast for 16 hours straight. There is plenty of research to, yet alone tremendous results from clients changing their eating patterns alone. Once again this isn’t necessary, but just a tip!