Lamanna Online Fitness – $200 $100/Month

Convenience is a major determining factor when it comes to fitness success. Our online personal training gives you the flexibility to get the most out of your training program no matter your circumstances.

Often times in-person training is not an option. Perhaps you travel frequently, are looking for something to compliment you personal training sessions, or need to stretch your fitness budget just a little further. No matter the reason, online personal training makes a great addition to most fitness regiments.

Lamanna Fitness puts the same effort into our virtual interactions as we do in-person. This is no online cookie-cutter program delivery service. We will finely tailor your program to your goals and guide you through email, text and phone correspondence. By keeping open channels of communication between you and your coach, you will have all questions and concerns addressed within 24 hours, and frequently in real time. You can also receive in-depth technique analysis when you deliver videos to your coach.