1. Constant Encouragement

    I came to Nick as a weak, underfed creature of a person. My goal was to get stronger and extend my lifespan, and as a result I've emerged four months later as a stronger, well-fed creature with some tangible muscle mass. Nick constantly adjusts and improves my program based on my strengths and weaknesses, and has a mobility exercise up his sleeve for every ache and pain I've ever experienced. I no…Read More

    Sarah Dobson
  2. I Couldn’t Be More Satisfied

    I couldn’t be more satisfied with the progress I’m making. I was weighing in at 173lbs starting training and I’m now averaging 176lbs. I’m not gaining weight but putting on muscle lbs. People say I’m looking more muscular and I also noticed my muscles are harder. My cardio is stronger and endurance is longer. I don’t get exhausted as quick anymore. Overall, its working out very good an…Read More

  3. Nick Is Concerned With How I Feel

    Nick is concerned with how I feel as I complete my training. There have been times when I’ve had some pain. When that happens, we immediately stop the exercise and reevaluate the routine. If something isn’t working for me, Nick doesn’t hesitate to drop that portion of the plan. He suggests alternate exercises to get the same results. He’s also focused on stretching and mobility. He’s dem…Read More

  4. Great Results

    I’ve been working with Nick for almost four months and have had great results. After discussing my goals, he created a workout plan to increase strength and lose weight. The plan includes strength training, cardio and diet guidelines. In the short time I’ve been working with Nick (two 30 minute sessions a week), I’ve lost over 30lbs. and increased my bench press by over 70lbs.…Read More

  5. One Of The Best Trainers I’ve Had

    One of the best trainers I’ve had whether it be the workouts, nutrition, mobility, mentality… Super humble guy, he has tons and tons of knowledge. I’d recommend him to anyone; males, females, young and old looking to make a change in their physical or mental health!…Read More

  6. Highly Recommend

    I highly recommend Nick as a personal trainer. He gets it. If you aren’t successful, then he isn’t either. I like that he’s realizes that everyone is different and may not have the same results from a given exercise. His knowledge of the body and exercise routines; his willingness to change the routine as needed; and his focus on flexibility and mobility make Nick a great trainer.…Read More