1. 12 Essential Lower Body Stretches

    Table Stretch: Glutes Couch Stretch: Hip-Flexors/Quads Wide Stance Hamstring Stretch: Hamstrings / Lower Back / QL / Adductors(Groin) Wide Stance Hamstring Stretch: Hamstrings / Lower Back / QL / Adductors(Groin) Bent Leg Hamstring Stretch: Hamstrings Butterfly Stretch: Adductors (Groin) Lower Back Twist: Lower Back / Glutes / Obliques Leaning Straight Leg Calf Stretch: Gastrocnemius Leaning Bent …Read More

  2. Nick’s Tips #2: Record Everything.

    Nick’s Tips #2: Record Everything. Sometimes we overlook the importance of keeping track of our progress. We often do not have a set plan or goal to follow therefore there is nothing to record. I can’t stress enough how important this tip is. Whether it’s recording 1-5 lbs of weight added on your squat per week, or 1 lbs of fat loss per week, or even a second faster on your 1 mile run per we…Read More

  3. Nick’s Tips: #1

    Tips for creating goals: Create a Timeframe/Date Make sure it’s measurable. Make sure it’s achievable. Be willing to sacrifice certain activities/things in your life.…Read More

  4. My Top 9 Favorite Lower Body Foam Rolling Techniques

    #9 Tibialis Anterior (Shins) #8 Adductors (Inner thigh) #7 Quads (Front of thighs; feet turned both inwards and outwards) #6 Hip-Flexors (Single-Leg upper thigh) #5 TFL BAND (In between your hip bone and your waist bone/iliac crest) #4 Calves (Gastroc/upper and Soleus/lower; feet turned inwards/outwards) #3 I.T. Band/Lateral Hamstrings (Posterior Portion) #2 I.T. Band/Lateral Quads (Anterior Porti…Read More

  5. Nick’s Quick Tips for Weight-loss!

    Nick’s Quick Tips: This template is a simple set of guidelines and tips designed to assist you in your journey to a healthier you! Using simple nutrition tips and opening up the client to various weight loss options other than calorie restricting. A well rounded program will always include anaerobic training (weight-lifting ex. chest/back/legs), aerobic training (h.i.i.t. cardio), and a balanced…Read More

  6. Introduction to Upper Body Foam Rolling

    When most people think of foam rolling they think of basic mobility. They presume the foam roller (specifically upper body) can only be used for a couple of cracks for your back and that’s it. Actually the foam roller is one of my favorite tools for advanced mobility. It may not be as specific as trigger point, but it gets the job done. Let’s start with the posterior chain of our upper body: G…Read More

  7. A Basic Introduction to Mobility

    Mobilization is a tool to globally address movement and performance problems. When the term mobility comes up most people confuse stretching with this, yet mobility is in its own class. To simplify things, mobility is basically soft tissue work. That being said, there are countless modalities within soft tissue work; self-myofascial release (SMR) being the most common style. SMR is basically a fan…Read More